Spooky World presents a bonfire and fireworks display on the evening of Sun 1 Nov 2020.

Those purchasing full-price tickets for the Fun-by-Day event (aimed at kids age 4 to 12, kids 90 cm and under go free) on Sun 1 Nov 2019 can stay on for the bonfire and firework display for free if they have not previously left the site and continue using any of the Fun-by-Day attractions that remain open.

Children under 16 have to be accompanied by a ticket paying responsible adult, and have to have their own paid ticketĀ (kids 90 cm and under go free).

Those purchasing tickets for the Spooky-at-Night event (for brave, young people) on Sun 1 Nov 2020 are able to watch the bonfire and firework display, inclusive in the Spooky-at-Night ticket price.

Other guests (any age (kids 90 cm and under go free)) wanting to attend the bonfire and firework display are able to purchase an "entry only" ticket that will allow entrance to the grounds from 6 p.m. on 1 Nov 20. These guests can make use of any of the Fun-by-Day attractions that are open during that evening at no extra cost (other than for the coin-operated activities).

The bonfire is due to be lit at 7.15 pm, the firework display is due to commence at 7.30 pm. These timings could be delayed depending on the weather during the day.

The scarier spooky-at-night attractions might commence a little later than usual on this one evening.

Please note that the ground at the venue is farmland and is NOT suitable for people in wheelchairs, nor is it suitable for baby buggies or prams.

See more information at the Tickets Information page.