When purchasing tickets you are agreeing to our disclaimer that also has important information about each of the attractions.


Early-buyer discounts are generally available when the tickets are first put on sale.
There are no group discounts available. There are no student discounts available. There are no disabled person discounts available. There are no carer discounts available. There are no charity tickets available. There are no "free giveaway" tickets available. There are no free "vlogger" tickets available. Sorry about that.
We operate a "No refund and no transfer" policy on tickets.


The car park opens at least 30 minutes before the start of the event.  Tickets are NOT required to drive into the FREE car park area.

Access to the attractions is via a main entrance gate manned by entrance and security staff. The entrance and security staff have the authority to exclude people from entry to the site.

Entrance to each scare maze is managed and controlled by staff at each of the attractions. The number of guests allowed in to each scare maze at any one time will depend on the total number of visitors on site.



Dogs and other pets are not permitted on site (except for registered guide dogs) as this is a working farm with animals on site.


There is a fast-food grill on site that has a large covered seating area.

Paying by card / cash

Cards and cash are accepted at the entrance and fast-food grill.


Precedence for entry is given to those booking online in advance.


Accompanying adults at Scary-by-Night can access the event using an "site only" ticket if not entering the attractions.  These tickets are only available to adults accompanying 14 and 15 year olds, and the ratio of accompanying adults to teenagers cannot be more than 2:1 (ie. a maxium of 2 adults for each teenager age 14 or 15). One accompanying adult can be responsible for up to 10 teenagers in a group.

There is a covered marquee with benches and tables, there are picnic tables elsewhere, there is a fast food grill serving hot food and drink.


Children aged 14 and 15 at Scary-by-Night must be accompanied or supervised by an adult aged 18 or older at all times. One accompanying adult can be responsible for up to 10 teenagers in a group.

Accompanying adults can vouch for the age of a visitor however whether entry is allowed or not is at the discretion of the entrance staff and security staff. The following links about proof of I.D. might be of interest



 Whilst inside Spooky World you must participate in a responsible manner with the understanding and attitude of safety first! Any person not abiding by directives given by staff members could be asked to leave.


All attractions may contain: strobe lighting, smoke machines, laser lighting, latex, small tight spaces, darkness, uneven flooring, odour effects, water effects and loud distressing music.


There are no time slots for entry. Some guests rush round in 45 minutes, other guests spend 2 hours or more on site. Last entrance is one hour before closing. You will miss some of the fun if you are not there at the start at 6.30 pm.


The attraction is an intense interactive scare experience involving live actors trying to scare you. They will not harm you! Our actors are trained to interact responsibly with visitors and that interaction will depend on how visitors react. Actors are trained to keep physical contact with visitors to a minimum and there is a "safe" word that can be used by visitors to call the scare actors off if things get too uncomfortable. You must not touch or harm any of the actors or you could be removed from the park immediately by the security staff.


There is a massive FREE car and coach park available. Coaches should make their way to the coach parking area to the left of the entrance to the activities.


There are covered areas on the site under which cover can be taken in the case of bad weather. Cancellations and refund are not allowed except in cases where the weather is deemed to be so bad that the attraction has to close.


Security are on site at all times. It is their job to enforce safety regulations and ensure a zero tolerance strategy is adopted towards drugs, alcohol and ignorance of Spooky World UK rules and policies. You must listen and respond to their instructions at all times.


DO NOT enter any attraction if you are pregnant, are of a nervous disposition or suffer from claustrophobia.

The event is located on farmland; areas are likely to be slippy and muddy underfoot if it has been raining recently.  To help provide a scare experience there are areas in attractions in pitch darkness, and some areas have obstacles that have to be squeezed through or climbed through in order to complete the scare.


When purchasing tickets you are agreeing to our disclaimer that also has important information about each of the attractions.

The proprietors will not accept responsibility for any incidents which occur as a result of failure to comply with all guidelines and verbal instructions given.

When purchasing tickets you are agreeing to our disclaimer that also has important information about each of the attractions.